J a n a v a n M e e r v e l d

a selection of oil paintings

h o m e

c v / c o n t a c t

e x h i b i t i o n s



Keep A Good Head

55 x 75 cm

oil on linen - 2013

shown at solo show Das Unheimlich Autonome - De Cacaofabriek 2017

and at Summer Jam, a painting show - W139 Amsterdam 2018








Black Form

50 x 60 cm

oil on linen - 2012

at Present Forever Amsterdam 2012










nomination 'Bound for Lampedusa' painting

Mackintosh Museum Glasgow (GSoA) 2013 - The Marmite Prize for Painting IV






Bound for Lampedusa

200 x 140 cm

oil on canvas - 2009

nominated for The Marmite Prize for Painting Prize iV - UK London 2012 / 2013












The Masterplan

200 x 275 cm

oil on canvas - 2009

at De Nederlandsche Bank and W139 in Amsterdam 2009 and 2014

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© Jana van Meerveld 2018

photos Jana van Meerveld and Henni van Beek Photography