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selected solo exhibitions


2022 - An Uncivilisation project : several murals outside in abandoned places over Europe + a really large one @W139 Amsterdam

2020 - Handige On Mystiek : duo exhibition with Ad de Jong - Allard Wildenberg Art Projects Naarden Vesting

2020 - Troposfeer : 98m2 wall painting in a 3 floors stairwell parking garage - commission municipality Haarlem & 37PK

2018 - Summer Jam, a painting show : participating with seven paintings in Polar Room at W139 Amsterdam

2017 - Das Unheimlich Autonome : De Cacaofabriek Helmond - The Netherlands photos

2012 - Hell Bent for Paint : Appels Gallery Amsterdam

2009 - Heyoka : De Nederlandsche Bank Amsterdam - The Netherlands photos

2008 - Kunstvlaai 8 API : Noise Paint / Paint Noise - Amsterdam

2008 - Noise Paint / Paint Noise : De Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek Helmond - The Netherlands photos

2006 - B.E. D.E.A.R : Art Pijnenburg in Deurne - The Netherlands

2005 - Eight : Art Pijnenburg in Deurne

2004 - S104 : Bruggebouw Noord - Amsterdam

2000 - Higher Ground : Lowlands i.c.w. Ad de Jong in Biddinghuizen - The Netherlands


selected group exhibitions


2020 - M E N S B E E L D

together with Helen Verhoeven, Iris Kensmil, Hanan Klei, Sarah Verbeek, Tanja Ritterbex, Marie Aly, Judith Kisner, Wieske Wester, Eli Content, Rik Meijers, Tobias Lengkeek, Toon Teeken and Marc Mulders at Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam


2018 - W139 Amsterdam: Summer Jam, a painting show

together with Heidi Howard, Axel Linderholm, Rik Meijers, Rob Birza, Arthur Kempenaar a.o.


2016 - Schwartz Gallery London - Random Orange

together with Julia Keenan, Russel Miller, Alexandra Drawbridge, Alan Singer and Joseph Sobel

2016 - TAP Southend London - Myth Material photos

togethert with Clare Price, Stephanie Moran, Playpaint, Cyntha Cruz, Manuel Mathieu and Jane Hayes Greenwood.


2014 - W139 Amsterdam: What do you want? Your whole life in one night?

together with Melanie Bonajo, Sachi Miyachi, Sarah van Sonsbeeck, Henk Visch, Lily van der Stokker, Joost Benthem a.o.

2014 - De Nederlandshe Bank Amsterdam - I am not doing anything until I feel the need

together with Izaak Zwartjes, Ina van Zyl, Ronald Ophuis, Aaron van Erp, Marie Aly, Maze de Boer a.o.


2013 - All Is Giving: Public Art Space in Groningen - The Netherlands photos

together with Iris Kensmil, Henk Visch, Charlotte Schleifert, Jonas Ohlsson, Frank Koolen, Esther de Graaf, Natasja Kensmil, Ad de Jong, Rik Meijers a.o.

2013 - Schwartz Gallery London: Punk Salon UK

together with Helen Barff, David Cooper, Steven Scott, Marion Sagon, Ad de Jong, Lana Locke a.o.

2013 - The Marmite Prize for Painting IV nomination Bound For Lampedusa shown at:

2013 - Drawing Room / Tannery Arts London

2013 - Mackintosh Museum Glasgow photos

2013 - Ruskin Art Gallery Cambridge

2013 - The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art


2012 - The Marmite Prize for Painting IV nomination Bound For Lampedusa: Central Art Gallery Greater Manchester UK

2012 - Bijlmer Garage / Fatform Amsterdam: Present Forever, 55 contemporary Dutch artists'

together with Melanie Bonajo, Natasja Kensmil, Krijn de Koning, Adam Colton, Sachi Mijachi, Rik Meijers, John Körmeling, Maartje Korstanje a.o. photos


2011 - W139 - Devotion Involvement bill board - Amsterdam

2011 - KAFANA Previews and Reruns - Amsterdam

together with Zoro Feigl, Bonno van Doorn, Wouter Klein Velderman a.o.


2010 - De Nederlandsche Bank - Aanwinsten 2010, een keuze - Amsterdam

together with Marie Aly, Johannes Schwartz, Tim Braden a.o.


2007 - I Wish: Horsemove Project Space - Amsterdam photos

together with Jonas Ohlsson and Ad de Jong

2007 - One; & the other painting @W139 / Basement Sandberg Institute - Amsterda


2005 - Greenlight: Noord / Zuidlijn Damrak - Amsterdam : together with Justin Bennet, John Körmeling, Rikje Theunissen a.o.

2003 - Start a New Art World / New is Everlasting: Artis Den Bosch - The Netherlands

together with Aaron van Erp, Esther Tielemans, Gijs Frieling, Jonas Ohlsson a.o.

2000 - New Lightyears / Mille Paradiso i.c.w. Ad de Jong - Paradiso Amsterdam


in collections

De Nederlandsche Bank - Amsterdam

multiple private collections in The Netherlands - Belgium and Czech Republic

Fontys Hogeschool - Eindhoven


selected grants and nominations

2020 - Mondriaan Fund : Stipendium for Established Artists - The Netherlands

2016 - Dutch Embassy London - project grant for participation Myth Material - England

2012 / 2013 - Marmite Prize for Painting IV nomination - England

2010 - Wim Izaks Prize nomination - short list - The Netherlands

2008 - Fonds BKVB : Incentive grant - The Netherlands



1993 - 1994 Ateliers Arnhem - Post Graduate - The Netherlands - Fine Art

1990 - 1993 HKA (now ArtEz Hogeschool Arnhem) - The Netherlands - Fine Art

1987 - 1990 HKA (now ArtEz Hogeschool Arnhem) - The Netherlands - Graphic Design


selected reviews and publications

2020 ....MENSBEELD - limited edition - publication catalogue exhbition MENSBEELD

2018.....Metropolis M - Lost Painters - De Groene - Het Parool and more: Summer Jam, a painting show at W139 Amsterdam

2016 .....Publication - solo exhibition Das Unheimlich Autonome at De Cacaofabriek in Helmond

2014 .....In Sight, thoughts on the collection - 200 year jubilee book De Nederlandsche Bank Amsterdam

2014 .....What do you want? Your whole life in one night - De Volkskrant news paper article link

2014 .....De Grote Amsterdamse Kunstkalender - calendar

2013 .....All Is Giving - Public Art Space group exhibition catalogue

2013 .....Thisiscentralstation.com - article link

2013 .....Marmite Prize for Painting IV - prize nomination catalogue

2012 .....Present Forever - group exhibition catalogue

2011 .....Mr. Motley - website article

2009 .....Heyoka - publication solo exhibition De Nederlandsche Bank 2009

2008 .....Van Privé naar Publiek - book on collecting Art in The Netherlands

2008 .....Noise Paint / Paint Noise - publication solo exhibition De Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek

2004 .....Het Parool - paper article November

2000 .....Metropolis M - magazine article January - no. 1

1999 .....Vrij Nederland - magazine article January - no. 2


e x h i b i t i o n s

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to order the publications Das Unheimlich Autonome (2017) or Noise Paint / Paint Noise (2008) designed by Niessen & De Vries send me an email.

€ 30,- each, sending included